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Nettle "Allo" Natural Body Scrub

$15.00 USD

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Description and Details:
  • All natural and organic made from Himalayan Wild Nettle "Allo";
  • "Allo" is a species of a stinging nettle that grows in the hills of Nepal above 1700 meter;
  • It's been in the life of indigenous people for generations;
  • This stinging nettle has multiple benefits and hypoallergenic is one of them;
  • Used as a body scrub;
  • Takes away oil and dirt gently from the skin leaving you with smooth and rejuvenating feel;
  • Fits in your hand, one size fits all;
  • The more it is used, the softer it gets;
  • Crocheted from handspun Wild Nettle yarn;
  • Each product may vary as it is handmade;
  • Supporting home-based skilled women from Nepal.

Care instructions:

  • Hang dry after each use. 

Dimension:  8.5 inches x  6 inches approx.

Weight: 40 gms