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Jaali Allo Jhola (Nettle Market Bag)

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  • Jaali meaning Net, Allo meaning the Himalayan Nettle and Jhola meaning Bag in Nepali;
  • Hand crochet market bag with leather handle;
  • Yarn used is 100% Allo and is originated from sustainable managed forest of Nepal;
  • Handmade vegetable tanned leather is processed traditionally in Nepal by traditional leather maker;
  • Allo / Nettle is known for being the finest and the strongest natural fiber ever known;
  • Traditionally, Allo is used to make fish nets due to its strength and longevity;
  • The colors of individual bags may vary due to the nature of yarn;
  • Made by the home-based skilled women knitters of Kathmandu, Nepal.


Base in diameter: 10" (small) ; 12" (large)
Length (body only): approx.10"
Width diameter (when extended): approx. 15" -16" (small) / 19" - 20" (large)
Handle drop length: approx.12" (small) / 14" (large)


 Care instructions: Hand wash cold; do not bleach; do not wring.

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