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"ARJU-2" Wild Nettle 'Allo' and Vegetal Leather Backpack

$125.00 USD

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  • This backpack is made using Himalayan Wild Nettle fabric and handmade vegetable tanned leather;
  • The fabric is woven and hand-loomed from Himalayan Wild Nettle plant fiber found in the hills of Nepal above 1500 m which are sustainably harvested once a year to make Nettle yarn;
  • Nettle fabric is known for its fineness and strength and regarded as one of the best natural fiber in the world;
  • The handmade leather used is made in the hills of Nepal using generation old techniques that involve scraping of leather by hand, massaging of leather by feet, and tanning of leather using herbs;
  • “ARJU-2” is a fusion of traditions that are brought to a contemporary world;
  • It is built to last generations.
  • It has two inside pockets: with elastic ( 11" x 10" / 28 cm x 25.5 cm ) to keep tablets and laptops, and a zippered one to keep valuable things secure. It also has a front sleeve (13" x 10" / 33 cm x 25.5 cm) to keep frequently needed things. 
  • Inner lining: 100 % Cotton
  • Each bag is made from handmade materials so might not look the same as in the picture. Each piece is unique on its own.
  • Designed by KOLPA.
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Height: 14" (35.5 cm)
Width: 12" (30.5 cm)
Depth: 4" (10.1 cm)

 Weight: approx. 925 gm (32.5 oz)