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Raute KOSI #M, Wood Serving Bowl

$220.00 USD

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Description and Details:
  • Made by the last nomads of Nepal, Raute;
  • The largest bowl of all in our collection;
  • Raute uses this as a serving bowl and reflects their nomadic lifestyle;
  • Stained with natural linseed oil;
  • The wood used is Tooni (common name: Red Cedar) sustainably sourced from the community forest of Nepal. Rautes do not cut trees listed under endangered species by the Government of Nepal. They are a true protector of the forest as they consider forest as their home, and earth as their mother; 
  • They have been making this for generations and still follow the same techniques;
  • Being handmade using traditional tools in midst of the forest, each item is one of a kind. We have tried to keep its originality. Patterns made by the beating of homemade Adze (Bashula in local language) can be seen and felt;
  • We have marked underneath the bowl as "kosi made by Raute" to authenticate this product;
  • We have made every effort to display our product as accurately as possible, the colors that you view on your computer monitor may be different from the actual colors of this product.


Opening: 13.7 inches / 40 cm

Height: 8.2 inches / 21 cm

Approximate inside volume: 10.28 liter

Thickness of the rim: 1 inches / 2.6 cm

Weight: 1.52 kg

Material: Red Cedar Tree (locally known as Tooni)