Illustration showing extraction of Himalayan Wild Nettle "Allo" fiber in Nepal

Posted on February 20 2019

This is an overview of the process that shows extraction of Himalayan Wild Nettle "Allo" fiber from the wild and turning them into a fabric. 

It is a long and tedious process and done everything by hand. One of the reasons why "Allo" products or fibers is unique on its own. None of the products in the same category is similar, may it be in color or texture. Whoever owns the "Allo" product will have a one and only in the whole world. 

"Allo" grows at an altitude of 1700 meter and above wildly in the hills. It is sustainably harvested every year by locals from their community forests. "Allo" has changed livelihoods of many communities. It has been a major source of income. 

KOLPA is working with "Allo" producers from different parts of Nepal. We have been working to bring ethnic and traditional skills with new designs to the global audience and giving respect to each node involved in between.

You may find our "Allo" products here.


copyright: kolpaworld

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