Illustration showing extraction of Himalayan Wild Nettle "Allo" fiber in Nepal

Posted on February 20 2019

Extraction of Himalayan Wild Nettle Fiber in Nepal.

"It's always good to be exclusive". A headline on KOLPA at Kathmandu Post

Posted on February 19 2019

"Our country has a very difficult geography and most artisans haven’t been exposed to the outside world. All these products are their original creations. I don’t believe in providing them with any external training. No European or Japanese machines are used to refine these products. These are solely the creations of the artisans. Over the years, the products have been well appreciated all over the world and this applause has been showered because of their skill sets. I believe that to come up with refined products, patience and commitment is all that is needed. Most of them aren’t even educated but they are masters in their own rights. We wouldn’t like to call their work “products” because it’s an art that has been passed down through generations."

Handmade Paper Sustainably Produced/ Lokta Paper from KOLPA

Posted on February 19 2019

Handmade Paper Sustainably Produced/ Lokta Paper from KOLPA
Due to its durability and resistance to insects and mildew, government offices in Nepal used lokta paper to keep records. The documents prepared in lokta have remained in good condition for more than 200 years.

KOLPA in ECS Nepal magazine

Posted on February 19 2019

“We play with nature, and nature itself is unique, and its beauty is immeasurable. Unlike machine-made things, behind the making of each item available here, there lies a distinct story, and therefore, is one-of-a-kind in the world. Each comes with an emotional touch to it. The only common aspect among them is the quality that has been the first priority of ours since day one.” The culmination of old skills and techniques with the contemporary lifestyle can be clearly perceived in the polished Kolpa creations.

"Un retour aux sources" meaning Back to the roots

Posted on January 17 2017

It was a pleasure meeting Sylvaine and share our stories of KOLPA from origin till date. She has been blogging about Nepalese crafts for years in her blog Suti, which means Cotton in Nepali. Keen and highly passionate craft-person herself, it was an opportunity for us to connect with friends and dear ones from France and French-speaking community around the world. 

Sustainable Impact: the Natural Fiber, Allo [Himalayan Nettle]

Posted on April 29 2016

Do you know where, how and who makes the products that you purchase?  Most of the companies don’t consider this information is necessary, yet some tries to hide it and while some don’t know themselves!  On contrary, knowing that the product you use comes from sustainable resources meeting environmental standards and paying fairly to makers is special, and that adds boundless worth to the product.   

Kolpa Scarf: Stylish and Affordable

Posted on February 22 2015

Winter is a time to snuggle and to keep ourselves warm - some of us love them while other does not.  Well, we have something for both.  For those who are worried about winter cold – come to Kolpa. Our scarfs will make you feel warm and cozy. And for those who love frosty days, our scarfs are the just right to make you feel stylish and elegant in winter days.

Journey has just begun ...

Posted on February 12 2015

New York - 2007, I placed an online order of a handmade necklace through a California based company.  On the product description page, it mentioned “made by artisan from South...

What is Kolpa

Posted on December 19 2013

Mission statement: We produce, promote and support people whose skills are exceptionally outstanding but not recognized yet. What is Kolpa? It is a privately owned company established to 'promote' handmade...