Kolpa Scarf: Stylish and Affordable

Posted on February 22 2015

Winter is a time to snuggle and to keep ourselves warm - some of us love them while other does not.  Well, we have something for both.  For those who are worried about winter cold – come to Kolpa. Our scarfs will make you feel warm and cozy. And for those who love frosty days, our scarfs are the just right to make you feel stylish and elegant in winter days.

Our scarf comes in good length of 70 inches and wide enough to cover your neck and tuck it over.  It is machine washable in cold water and colorfastness is excellent. The price? Unbelievably reasonable… priceless! Made from 75% Acrylic and 25% Cotton yet feels like natural wool. These scarfs serve perfectly to people with wool allergy.  

Story of these scarfs starts with Urmi Handlooms. Located in one of the ancient city of Kathmandu Valley; Urmi Handlooms still follows traditional weaving method. No doubt, Kolpa loves to work with them. Specially, the owner, Urmila didi (didi means big sister in Nepali) is an inspiration. She is one of the unsung heroes, who dedicated entire life in making handloom products.  Her products range from kitchen accessories to everyday wear.  She employs local men and women, and has set-up the looms in her own backyard.  This is Urmi Handlooms’ story. Kolpa scarf is the result of the synergy between Kolpa and Urmi Handlooms. This season, we designed yet another handmade product in form of scarfs, to bring in variety and color to our collection. Urmi Handlooms hand-weaved them for us. Kolpa scarfs come in two different sizes -14 inches in width x 70 inches in length and 20 inches in width x 70 inches in length.  We thought of our customers while making them - we thought it should be long enough to warp around your neck and colorful enough to cheer up everybody around you. These scarf can be wrapped using knot or just “let it drop” freely over your shoulder. 

We have Baby Pink with Light Ash Grey and Paradise Pink with Light Ash Grey for casual everyday work or a colorful evening gown. Then we have Royal Navy Blue and Sky Blue plaid for classic look on your denim or jacket. Mustard Yellow and Bright Yellow with Turquoise Green and Light Cream stripes are trendy to stand out in the crowd. For elegant attire, we have Light Cream with Light Ash GreyWe are pleased to have this series of scarfs. Do provide us what you think of design and colors and if we can make it better next year.

Low maintenance, vibrant colors and reasonable price – can be great gift to someone special or for yourself! Wear it, wrap it or flaunt with it!

Kolpa scarfs are yet another product that re-establishes our mission– to make both, producers and customers happy.  With our offer free shipping worldwide for orders above $ 50 through our online portal - kolpaworld.com, anybody can get hold of these stylish yet affordable handloom Kolpa scarfs.

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