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"It's always good to be exclusive". A headline on KOLPA at Kathmandu Post

Posted on February 19 2019

"Our country has a very difficult geography and most artisans haven’t been exposed to the outside world. All these products are their original creations. I don’t believe in providing them with any external training. No European or Japanese machines are used to refine these products. These are solely the creations of the artisans. Over the years, the products have been well appreciated all over the world and this applause has been showered because of their skill sets. I believe that to come up with refined products, patience and commitment is all that is needed. Most of them aren’t even educated but they are masters in their own rights. We wouldn’t like to call their work “products” because it’s an art that has been passed down through generations."

Journey has just begun ...

Posted on February 12 2015

New York - 2007, I placed an online order of a handmade necklace through a California based company.  On the product description page, it mentioned “made by artisan from South...